India leaves others behind making whatsapp video calls daily


Indians are at the top, making almost 50 million video calls daily through WhatsApp instant messenger.

The social messaging application competes with the likes Facebook, Instagram, Hike, and Viber in India has offered its groundbreaking video calls feature in the month of November last year.

The video calling feature of social app also hurled against its other counterparts video calling apps such as Skype, Facetime and many others alike.

Since then, usage of video calling feature of the popular messenger has seen steady. The most significant factor has been falling data prices and free promotional data by the new comer, Reliance Jio.

In data sharing by Whatsapp messenger, India stands at first place for making video calls, almost 50 million video calling minutes within a single day. Worldwide, users make over 55 million video calls each day, equal to 340 million minutes daily on video calls.

Social messaging app approximately has 200 million active users. The messenger has also the highest number of users over billion worldwide. The famous instant messaging app also preparing to empower its users to make relations with the consumers within India, ultimately benefit for the product, it says.

On the other hand, Facebook-owned Company reportedly stated that it would not allow third-party advertisers on its platform, but only testing tools empower users to interact with businesses and organizations such as banks and airlines through its platforms.

Messenger has prepares new features which would be able to enhance engagement on its platforms. However, the social app has recently added its “story feature” enable users to exhibit their ideas through pictures and animations.

Social messaging app also working on its platform for the purpose of payment services using India as the testing tube. The organization is also looking forward to recruiting a digital transactions head for the country. In the month February this year, WhatsApp co-founder “Brain Action” had met with IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in order to settle the matter that Whatsapp could contribute to India’s foresight for digital commerce.

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